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With a growing economy and a vast array of natural resources, Africa offers immense potential for Israeli businesses. Israel4Africa provides a platform for Israeli companies and other entities to access a large variety of tenders, calls for proposals, and funding opportunities in various industries, including agriculture, medical device, water treatment, information and communication technology, and more. We are committed to promoting growth and progress by fostering Israeli African partnership and wish to encourage business ties for the benefit of all parties. Israel4Africa wishes to identify African needs, match them with Israeli capabilities and solutions and secure funding.

Israel4Africa is a joint initiative of Agora and Interteam, which have been operating in the field of initiating and managing multinational projects raising over 140 million euro for twenty-six international projects. Both companies specialise in initiating, developing, and managing large publicly funded multidisciplinary and multinational projects. Our experienced team provides a blend of strong management skills, extensive understanding of international partnerships and the ability to effectively communicate your ideas and interests in a competitive setting.

It is a subsidiary of Agora and Interteam, who specialize in initiating, developing, and managing large publicly funded multidisciplinary and multinational projects, providing a blend of strong management skills, extensive understanding of international partnerships, in-depth knowledge of large international programmes and above all, the skills to present your ideas and interests successfully in a competitive environment. Israel4Africa aims to serve as tool for helping Israeli entities take part in the immense opportunities that the African continent offers. If you have identified an opportunity on our platform, which you would wish to explore in detail, need assistance in the submission process, or looking for partners or funding, contact us.


I2A3 The Israeli Interest and Awareness in Africa Association
The Israel4Africa platform is part of the Israeli Interest and Awareness in Africa Association (I2A3), an organisation that aims to promote cooperation between Israel and African countries.

The main goals of I2A3 are to improve trade relations, find opportunities, and implement our extensive network of stakeholders to build a team of experts to provide the solutions across the entire Israeli business ecosystem and to cooperate with local African partners. The organisation specialises in identifying African needs, finding opportunities, and offering a platform for joint collaboration. I2A3 will provide detailed and customised information about the many opportunities that the African continent offers to Israel and coordinate the activities of the various stakeholders. I2A3 specializes in:

  • Mapping the various current and emerging needs of the various African states
  • Assisting Israeli entities in benefiting from various programmes and initiatives
  • Providing services to develop trans-national co-operation between Israeli and African entities.
  • Building consortiums to bid for large projects and tenders
  • Promoting a presence in Africa for Israeli sectors and organizations
If you are looking for projects in specific fields or if you wish to concentrate on a specific country, search our database using key words.

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